Although many states still operate under the “employment at will doctrine,” there is no escaping the fact that the employer/employee relationship is highly regulated by state and federal law, and there are many common exceptions to the “employment at will” standard.

At Paul Frank + Collins, our Employment + Labor Law team stays current with the ever-changing standards of labor and employment law. We provide our clients with practical advice that will help them create workplace policies, practices, and procedures that encourage positive engagement with employees and lessen the likelihood of legal disputes.

To this end, we provide:

  • Customized in-house management and personnel training
  • Personnel policies and procedures designed to meet legal requirements and effectively communicate corporate culture and expectations for performance
  • Support for investigations regarding personnel matters
  • On-going legal counsel regarding  resolution of employee conflicts, managing employee leave issues or other workforce changes, and performance management
  • Advice regarding legal compliance in all areas of employment and labor law
  • Careful review and drafting of employment contracts, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Legal counsel regarding workers’ compensation claims and assistance through administrative and judicial resolutions of these claims
  • Labor law advice and support, whether through consultation and drafting contract provisions or through direct participation in negotiations, grievances, and arbitrations

At PF+C, we think the best way to avoid costly litigation is to provide thoughtful and sensible advice up front. By staying abreast of the latest best practices, workforce trends, and developments in labor and employment law, we can successfully prepare our clients for avoiding problems before they arise. We work in collaboration with senior leaders and managers to design legal compliance and workplace strategies that are readily deployed by employers of choice across the country.

In the event that our clients do find themselves involved in civil litigation, administrative actions, or labor arbitrations, our experienced labor and employment litigators can provide effective defense. We can also initiate actions if employers find themselves needing to protect their trade secrets or confidential information against former employees who may have breached agreements or covenants they had while they were employed. Our seasoned litigators will continue to provide practical advice through every phase of litigation, and will always look for opportunities to resolve any litigation in a way that best suits the clients’ needs. We also work with numerous insurance carriers to provide effective defense of claims made under EPL insurance policies.

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