The Patents + Intellectual Property Group at Paul Frank + Collins provides sophisticated services to businesses and institutions from well-established, seasoned organizations to individuals, start-ups, emerging companies, non-profits, and educational institutions. Our team works hand-in-hand with clients to build and maintain diverse IP asset portfolios that integrate patents, trademarks, copyrights, and on-line real estate (e.g., domain names), to derive value from these IP asset portfolios through licensing and transactions, and to enforce intellectual property rights and to defend against clients accused of infringement.

Our clients benefit from attorneys that provide exceptional value across a broad service platform that includes:

  • Patents, including preparation, prosecution, and counseling
  • Trademarks, including clearance, registration, oppositions, and cancellations
  • Copyrights, including registrations
  • Post-Grant and Administrative Proceedings
  • IP Litigation, including enforcement and defense
  • Licensing, Agreements, and Transactions, including due diligence, NDAs, assignments, security agreements, and software and trade secret licenses
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