We provide legal advice, counsel, and representation relating to a broad range of federal and state tax matters, including:

  • Tax implications of various types of business entities
  • Qualification of subchapter S corporations
  • Partnership tax matters
  • Tax issues relating to employment arrangements
  • Tax issues relating to purchases and sales of businesses
  • U.S. taxation of foreign businesses
  • Application of state sales tax and meals and rooms tax
  • Domicile of individuals for state tax purposes
  • Obtaining federal tax identification numbers
  • State tax registration
  • Tax appeals

We also represent and counsel non-profit and other tax-exempt organizations with respect to a broad range of matters, including:

  • Formation and application for recognition of tax-exempt status
  • Restrictions imposed by the Internal Revenue Code and state law
  • Tax-exempt financing
  • Tax Exempt bond post issuance compliance
  • Governance
  • Protections against Excess Benefit transactions
  • Social Enterprises, including hybrid entities such as L3Cs and non-profit economic development corporations
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