Paul Frank + Collins offers a broad range of legal services for businesses based within the U.S. and those seeking to establish or expand a U.S. presence. Our clients range from small start-ups, to seasoned organizations with decades of success, and nonprofit organizations. We are sensitive to the practical challenges faced by businesses of all shapes and sizes. We seek solutions to legal issues in accord with our clients’ needs and goals.

PF+C offers a complete range of tax and business services. We assist in all aspects of forming new businesses and joint ventures, both in Vermont and other states; the purchase and sale of assets and ownership interests; financing; loans and borrowing transactions; and mergers and acquisitions. We can assist in negotiating, drafting, or reviewing a broad array of written agreements, including for the sale of goods, consulting services, licensing of software and other intellectual property, deferred compensation arrangements, employment agreements, leases of real and personal property, purchases of property, shareholder agreements, and financing agreements.

In terms of tax law, PF+C offers services for all business clients. While in no way an exclusive list of tax related services we provide, our services include qualifying for and maintaining S corporation status, complex income tax rules that apply to partnerships and limited liability companies, income tax issues arising from the sale of a business or employee compensation arrangements, the imposition of income tax on out-of-state businesses, domicile of individuals, sales tax obligations, application of U.S. income tax to businesses based outside of the U.S., and compliance with various reporting obligations. We also represent clients in disagreements with the IRS or the Vermont Department of Taxes.

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